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Magazine Features 15 Amazing Teachers

The local LB 908 magazine and website includes cover stories on “15 amazing middle school teachers” and “the changing landscape of high school education in East Long Beach.”

The winter 2016 edition features teachers from local public and private schools.  The featured Long Beach Unified School District teachers and their schools include Alyson Al-Mulla of Newcomb, Kevin Hamilton of Rogers, Paula Riley of Stanford, Elizabeth Grace of Marshall, David Thompson of Tincher, Kristine Dassero of Cubberley, Russell Canup of Hill, Linda Cargile of Bancroft, and James Orithuela of Keller.

“Teachers are so often under-recognized for the massive, positive impact they have on all of us,” Publisher John Grossi writes.  “They go above and beyond for their students, and as you and I know, will in the end have an impact on their students that reaches far beyond one year.  These amazing people are worth reading about because they are inspiring and encouraging.”

The winter edition also includes an article about high school choice, complete with a glossary explaining terms often used by educators, like “linked learning” and “pathways.”  Several students and staff members are quoted regarding their experiences in various high school programs.

The publisher, Grossi, attended Gant Elementary School and Stanford Middle School before graduating from Wilson Classical High School as a class valedictorian.  He earned a degree from Cal State Long Beach with a major in English and a minor in math.

Read the full winter edition.