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Nation's Education Writers Look to L.B.

Two local educators shared their perspectives with education journalists from throughout the nation during a recent seminar sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based national Education Writers Association.

Among those invited to the speak at the event held at the Sheraton in Los Angeles was Long Beach Unified School District K-5 Math Curriculum Leader Anne Oberjuege.  She discussed teaching and testing in the Common Core era.

Soon after Oberjuege’s presentation, several education writers were Tweeting her statement, “Parents knew how to help kids with memorization, but kids now must be math thinkers, problem-solvers and communicators,” and “teachers want face-to-face training and ‘any time, any place’ training, such as video.”

LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser joined a College Board official and other experts on a panel titled “Advanced Placement’s Role in Readiness.”  The Chicago Tribune’s Diane Rado moderated.  Steinhauser detailed LBUSD’s successful efforts to help thousands more students take and pass AP courses and exams.