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GPA Millions Flow To 44 LBUSD Schools

It pays to improve student achievement. Just ask 44 schools in the Long Beach Unified School District that will be receiving a total of nearly $3 million as winners of Governor's Performance Awards (GPA). The GPA is a competitive honor based on the Academic Performance Index (API). This award is intended for schoolwide use and is awarded on a per pupil basis. The program is funded in the current year at $63 per student. Winners included only the schools that met or exceeded their schoolwide 2000 API growth target and their comparable improvement growth target, and tested at least 95 percent of their elementary and middle schools students and 90 percent of their high schools students. LBUSD schools winning Governor's Performance Awards and their amounts are Addams, $74,780; Avalon, $47,236; Barton, $71,551; Birney, $54,518; Bixby, $36,915; Burbank, $61,800; Burcham, $49,452; Burnett, $64,839; CAMS, $36,345; Cubberley, $73,197; Edison, $57,747; Emerson, $39,638; Franklin, $70,348; Garfield, $76,870; Gompers, $53,505; Grant, $98,398; Hamilton, $101,501; Harte, $79,782; Henry, $49,959; Holmes, $42,551; International, $51,922; Kettering, $26,024; Lafayette, $59,014; Longfellow, $59,014; MacArthur, $57,367; Mann, $29,507; Monroe, $40,904; Naples, $19,122; Polytechnic, $279,745; Prisk, $41,981; Riley, $54,518; Robinson, $58,634; Rogers, $49,452; Roosevelt, $74,084; Savannah, $10,131; Signal Hill, $57,684; Stanford, $80,099; Stevenson, $57,874; Tucker, $39,448; Washington, $66,042; Webster, $47,236; Whittier, $77,250; Willard, $63,509; and Wilson, $206,864. LBUSD's total is $2,848,357. The funds are intended for schoolwide use, not individuals. According to the State Board of Education, "use of funds at schools should be decided by existing site governance team/schoolwide council representing major stakeholders; ratified by the local school board." A school may not have qualified for a variety of reasons, including not meeting the primary eligibility criteria. Other reasons might include a high percent of parent waivers, data irregularities or student population changes that invalidated the school's performance. All of the schools in the Long Beach Unified School District had valid data in these areas. Schools that receive the new GPA awards are eligible for the School Site Employee Performance Bonus award program. These awards for employees will be made in late March or early April. A third reward is expected later this spring for staff whose schools made the greatest gains. Schools that receive funds through the Certificated Staff Performance award program are required to meet more stringent criteria than the other two award programs. School eligibility for these awards of up to $25,000 for the state's top winners are expected to be determined by March with funds to be allocated during late April or early May.