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Energy Crisis Spurs Conservation Efforts

Here is a list of some of the steps being taken at schools and offices throughout the Long Beach Unified School District to conserve electricity during California's current energy crisis. Others also may wish to use these energy-saving tips at home to reduce energy use and keep electricity bills as low as possible: • Turn off the lights when leaving a room. Rooms that are empty should have the lights left on only if it is necessary for security. • Some lights near windows may be left off when the room is in use if blinds are adjusted to allow more natural light to enter. • Consider removing alternate light bulbs or fluorescent tubes from light fixtures where it will not adversely affect classroom activities. • Turn off exterior lighting except when needed for school events, safety or security. • Set thermostats at 68 degrees for heating and 78 degrees for cooling to reduce energy use. • Stock empty space in freezers with water-filled milk cartons. They lower energy consumption and provide emergency ice to keep food cold during a power outage. • If someone has given you an old refrigerator, it is probably using far more electricity than newer energy-efficient models. Consider replacing it or getting rid of it. • To save energy and protect from power surge damage when power is restored after a blackout, turn off computers at the end of the day. If your computers are energy-star compliant, use the power-saver setting during the day. • Look for other ways to save energy. If electrical equipment must be used, try to time use for off-peak hours. If a power outage occurs, turn off equipment, appliances, etc. to avoid an overload when power is restored. Keep a flashlight handy in case of emergency.