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At Five Schools, Teachers Earn API Growth Bonus

For more than 400 fortunate local teachers, the API Channel may have just switched from "Survivor" to "Wheel of Fortune." Certificated employees at five high-ranking schools in Long Beach will spend the next two months awaiting the news of how much they will earn for helping their students attain at least double their schools' growth target on state tests. Teachers at Whittier, Edison, Addams, Franklin and Wilson are most likely to receive cash awards. Known as the Certificated Staff Performance Incentive Act, Assembly Bill 1114 will reward certificated staff at schools that achieved at least double their growth target for 1999-2000. The $25,000, $10,000 and $5,000 bonuses per employee will depend upon how high each school ranks. Approximately 12,000 teachers statewide are expected to receive the one-time cash bonuses. The funds should be available in May or June. Their distribution here is subject to negotiation with TALB.