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An Ode to Education

Reid Continuation High School’s Class of 2016 includes Emani Bridgeforth, who recently recited her poem, “My Darling” at the annual Better Learning for All Students Today (BLAST) breakfast.  BLAST provides mentoring and other support for at-risk youth.  The student earned a standing ovation for her recital, excerpts of which are provided below.

My Darling
By Emani Bridgeforth

I love you
I will relentlessly pursue you
for as long as I need to
we had an arduous beginning
periodically love can have a slow start but a happy ending
education I love you unconditionally
you’re my prize possession
that can never be stripped from me
as an adolescent
I detoured from our connection
now I’m regretting

I apologize my love
for not seeing your beauty
your potential your strength
vow to love you, appreciate you, cherish you
as long as I live

I object
the ignorance
that dims your lights
I have the right
to love you with all my might
education I love you now
and for the rest of my life