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As Budget Improves, So Do Local Schools

The Board of Education at its last meeting conducted public hearings on the proposed 2016-17 budget and Local Control Accountability Plan.  Both items will be considered for final approval at the board’s June 23 meeting.  In considering the plans, the board also reviewed preliminary school performance data, which are tied to the plan’s goals.  The data show significant progress on a wide variety of measurements, including initial state test results, parent satisfaction, graduation rates and suspension rates.

The Long Beach Unified School District’s budget proposal is based largely upon California’s proposed budget, which restores some of the school funding that was cut during the state’s last economic downturn.  For Long Beach schools that means nearly $28 million more than the previous year, in the form of so-called “gap” funding, as the state implements its Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  Last year Long Beach schools received nearly $80 million more than the prior year.

The state formula was approved in 2013 to replace an outdated and confusing school finance system with a more streamlined one that gives schools greater flexibility to use state funding based upon students’ needs.  The aim of the formula is to restore public schools to at least their pre-recession levels by 2020.

In addition to the gap funding, LBUSD will receive as much as $17.9 million in one-time funding.  Proposed uses of this funding include professional development, or training for employees, technology, beautification projects, emergency supplies, bathroom upgrades, water hydration stations and other one-time spending requests at schools.

View the entire proposed budget.

View the related budget summary presentation document from the June 6 school board meeting.

The school district’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a response to the state’s approval of the Local Control Funding Formula.  The local draft plan was developed after a sweeping effort to engage the community, including multiple surveys and meetings.  The plan is required under the state formula.

View the draft LCAP.

View the LCAP summary presentation document from the June 6 school board meeting.

View the LCAP Goals Progress Report that was presented to the school board and includes school performance data.