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Nation's Governors Watch LBUSD Reforms

The National Governors' Association looked to Long Beach schools for advice during its winter meeting in Washington, D.C. recently. The NGA's Human Resources Committee, looking for ways to reform low-performing schools, heard from a panel of national education leaders including Dr. Carl Cohn, superintendent of schools of the Long Beach Unified School District. At the meeting, California Gov. Gray Davis praised Long Beach for its innovative efforts to raise the achievement of all students. Davis noted that 70 percent of California's schools met achievement growth targets. In the LBUSD, 78 percent of schools met their overall growth targets. Panel participants discussed the challenges and methods used to turn around low performing schools, how parents, teachers and community members were involved, and how success was measured. The National Governors' Association members include the governors of 50 states, U.S. territories and commonwealths. While in Washington, Dr. Cohn also met with Sen. James Jeffords, R-Vermont, who chairs the powerful Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension. Sen. Jeffords has visited the Long Beach Unified School District. He has expressed strong support for many of the district's reforms and is a proponent of the type of K-16, Seamless Education that Long Beach has pioneered.