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Teacher Librarian of the Year

Lafayette Elementary School’s Kat Tacea was named Teacher Librarian of the Year by the Long Beach School Librarians Association.

Tacea and fellow teacher Lynn Gay wrote a grant application that brought $100,000 from Farmers Insurance.  Soon afterward, hundreds of iPads and Chromebooks arrived at the school, and Tacea began training parents, colleagues and students on how to use the devices to support the school curriculum.  The National Board Certified teacher librarian recently earned an authorization from UC Riverside to teach computer concepts and applications, and she participates in many organizations that promote technology in schools.

“We as librarians learn from and are inspired by her,” said Susan McRoberts, president of the Long Beach School Librarians Association.  “Kat, thank you for your professionalism, creativity, dedication and enthusiasm as a teacher librarian.  You are a role model to other teacher librarians as well as an essential asset to the students and staff.”

LIBRARIAN HONORED – Teacher Librarian of the Year Kat Tacea of Lafayette Elementary School with the school's principal, Wendy Thompson.