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ALBEM Salutes 209 Business Partners

More than 200 business partners were honored recently for their contributions to local schools. The Association of Long Beach Educational Managers welcomed each of the new business partners with plaques during the recent annual Partnership Breakfast at the Long Beach Marriott Hotel. The 209 additional businesses bring the total number of school partnerships in the Long Beach Unified School District to more than 900, a new record. These new partnerships with schools throughout the district represent the largest increase in companies willing to get involved in helping local schools and students. "We consider this a handshake, not a handout," said Kelly Hurley, ALBEM president. "These enlightened business leaders know that their future customers, employees and replacements are in our schools today. Helping our schools and students to excel helps their businesses to have a brighter future, too. They depend upon us for an educated workforce, and they're willing to step up to the plate to make better education happen."