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Educator Pipeline Featured Nationally

The same organization that listed the Long Beach Unified School District among five of the world’s highest performing school systems in 2012 and 2014 has once again recognized local schools, this time for attracting and retaining effective educators.

The national not-for-profit Battelle for Kids features LBUSD in a recently released report, “Building the Talent Pipeline: Three Steps to Attract and Retain Educators.”

“California’s Long Beach Unified School District and Ohio’s Teacher Incentive Fund consortium offer two examples of how districts are using professional development, support and leadership opportunities to engage teachers at each stage of their career,” the report states.  “LBUSD’s annual attrition rate of seven percent is nearly two-thirds lower than the national average for urban districts, an accomplishment that has been attributed in large part to its strong teacher pipeline and professional development system.  First, the district works closely with nearby institutions of higher education to build a locally based pipeline of teachers who have had extensive exposure to Long Beach schools before becoming new employees.  New LBUSD teachers also complete a two-year induction program, in which they develop individualized growth plans, receive formative evaluations and guidance from experienced support providers, engage in ongoing dialogue with other teachers in their cohort, and participate in a variety of professional development opportunities.

“The district also invests heavily in professional development for all teachers, with a clear vision and mission statement that drives professional development programs and efforts,” the 20-page report continues.

“Additionally, support is provided across the district by skilled instructional coaches and a Teacher Resource Center that serves as a centralized hub for professional development and instructional resources.  For LBUSD, teacher support is much more than just the sum of its parts.  It is a carefully integrated system that begins with a strong talent pipeline; maintains a targeted focus on professional development that is responsive to teachers’ needs; and encompasses a core set of values, processes and a culture the district describes simply as, The Long Beach Way.”

The essential three steps for attracting and retaining teachers, according to the report are:

1) Use data to assess strengths, needs and challenges;

2) Develop a plan to attract and retain talented teachers;

3) Implement and continuously improve the plan.

Find the full report at  Search for “Building the Talent Pipeline.”

Battelle recognized LBUSD as one of the world’s five top-performing school systems in a 2014 e-book and in its 2012 Global Education Study.