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A Global Audience for Local Practices

Two staff members from the Long Beach Unified School District’s myPD professional development office co-authored an article in the December edition of Learning Forward’s JSD publication, a journal for educators.  Learning Forward is a 10,000-member nonprofit, international association of educators committed to excellent K-12 teaching and learning.

The article by LBUSD program specialists Amy Pendray and Jennifer Crockett, “To Assess Impact, Know What to Measure,” details how LBUSD continues to improve the training and other professional development that it provides to its educators.  The authors describe a protocol used to evaluate the effectiveness of professional development.

Pendray and Crockett help to provide professional development for myPD, an online, personalized professional growth system in LBUSD.  They partnered with other school districts to receive constructive and critical feedback as they refined their work, and they learned about Thomas R. Guskey’s “Evaluating Professional Development.”  Guskey focuses on five critical levels of evaluation, including participants’ reactions, participants’ learning, organization support and change, use of new knowledge and skills, and student learning  outcomes.

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