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44 Schools, 3,700 Employees Win Cash Awards

More than 3,700 certificated and classified employees at 44 schools in the Long Beach Unified School District attained superior improvement for students on state tests. For their schools' exemplary gains on the Academic Performance Index, each full-time employee is expected to receive a check for $591.32 in April. A supplemental check for approximately $50 will be issued later in the year to each employee. The state is holding back a small portion of the reward funds because of the possible inclusion of a few more employees and schools statewide. As part of the School Site Employee Performance Bonus, each school will also receive an amount identical to the total employee awards at that school. For example, the 299 employees at Poly together will receive $176,805, and Poly will also receive $176,805 for a total award of $353,610. Wilson's staff members will receive $153,152, and Wilson gets a matching $153,152 to spend for its programs and students for a total of $306,304. The grand total of these one-time individual and school awards amounts to $4,431,347.74 for the individual employees and their 44 schools. The bonus is for achievement during the 1999-2000 school year. To qualify for the reward, an employee must have been assigned at least 50 percent of duty time to schools and must have spent at least 20 percent of the time at a recipient school. For example, an itinerant music teacher who worked one day a week at a qualifying school will receive $118.26 -- one-fifth of the award for someone assigned full time to the school. This is the second of three scheduled performance awards: • Governor's Performance Awards, announced in February for high performing schools for use at the sites. • School Site Employee Performance Bonus, announced this week for employees of high performing schools for personal use and to schools for use at the sites.