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L.B. CaLL Gains Allies in Job-Based Learning

The nonprofit group Long Beach CaLL (Career-Linked Learning), which is affiliated with the Long Beach Unified School District, has gained important new allies in its efforts to provide students work-based learning opportunities.

CaLL has recruited “Career Champions,” a select group of community leaders who will support the nonprofit’s work.  The champions include California State Assembly Member Patrick O'Donnell, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell, retired Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, LBUSD Board of Education Member Felton Williams, City of Long Beach Innovation Team Director Tracy Colunga, and Long Beach City College Executive Vice President Lou Anne Bynum, who also is a harbor commissioner with the Port of Long Beach.

“We sincerely thank our distinguished group of new champions for agreeing to support this important work,” CaLL Executive Director Jean Egan said.  “Together our aim is to provide students inspiring, work-based learning opportunities in growing industries, complementing what they learn in class, so they can succeed in college and careers.”

Long Beach CaLL was created as a result of The Long Beach College Promise, the nationally recognized partnership among LBUSD, Long Beach City College, California State University Long Beach and the City of Long Beach.  Thus the formal title of the new champions is The Long Beach College Promise Career Champions.

The primary role of the champions is to identify and recruit employers to join CaLL’s Industry Councils and serve in other supportive roles.  The councils will provide important, industry perspective to guide educators’ efforts in the development of career pathways.  These pathways are aligned with the workforce needs of various industries. The industries include arts, media and entertainment; building and construction trades; business and finance; education, child development and family services; energy, environment and utilities; engineering and architecture; health science and medical technology; hospitality, tourism and recreation; information and communication technologies; manufacturing and product development; marketing, sales and service; and public services.

Through CaLL, employers can provide work-based learning activities such as internships, company tours and job shadowing.  They can participate in career fairs and as guest speakers or assist with class projects and mock interviews.  Employers can also offer guidance to teachers and administrators by joining school advisory boards.  CaLL ensures that students are prepared and well-suited for each opportunity, reducing the effort required by participating employers.

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