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Foundation Honors Most Inspiring Students

Tenacious students' heartwarming, uplifting, beat-the-odds success stories inspired more than 500 guests. More than 80 students from the Long Beach Unified School District were recognized for contributing to their schools, their communities and their futures. Some have recently made remarkable academic gains and personal improvement. Others have personified excellence for years. All deserved the recognition they received at the Fifth Annual Most Inspiring Student Awards Dinner, sponsored by the Long Beach Education Foundation. Each honoree selected by a school as its most inspiring student was honored at the awards dinner at the Hilton Hotel. Although hundreds of inspiring students deserve recognition, each school identified one student who best exemplifies one or more of the following qualities. Each winner is an inspiring example, unusually persistent, makes a tremendous effort or is an exemplary good citizen who is dedicated to serving the school or community. He or she could be described as a hero for overcoming adversity or circumstances that might have prevented a less determined student from succeeding, or for making a dramatic improvement or turnaround.