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Board Approves Emerson Charter

It's now official. After a year of planning, proposals and preparation, Emerson Parkside Academy will become the Long Beach Unified School District's newest charter school this fall. Receiving Board of Education approval this month, it will be the first existing LBUSD school facility converted to charter school use. With the implementation of the charter, current plans call for Emerson to: • reduce class size in fourth grade to 20 to 1 in 2001-02 • reduce class size in fifth grade to 29 to 1 in 2001-02 and 20 to 1 in 2002-03 • add a second full-day kindergarten in 2001-02 • provide a separate classroom for each kindergarten teacher in 2002-03 Emerson Parkside Academy will also institute a home/school contract where parents will participate in a meeting before school opens and sign a contract showing their commitment to Emerson and their desire for their child to attend Emerson. Each family must give at least 25 service hours to the school by working in the classroom, on the site, at home, attending conferences, assisting with night events, attending PTA meetings and other activities. For information, contact Cindy Young, principal, at 420-2631.