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Librarian of the Year

Diane Taylor of Hughes Middle School has earned the Teacher Librarian of the Year Award from the Long Beach School Librarians Association.  Taylor has worked as the teacher librarian at Hughes since 2004 and is retiring this year.  She was recognized at a recent Board of Education meeting, where Nina Jackson, president of the Librarians Association, presented the award and read excerpts from the award nomination.

“From the moment you walked into the library, it was obvious that Dr. Taylor had a passion for kids and for reading,” one teacher wrote.  “The environment was inviting with pictures, stuffed animals and plants, not to mention shelves filled with quality books for the students to read.  There was never a time before school, at lunch, or after school that you didn’t find a crowd of students in the library with Dr. Taylor at the center.”

Taylor told the board that she was grateful for her time in Long Beach schools, and for LBUSD’s support of school libraries.

“I feel that I had the privilege for 25 and a half years to work for Long Beach Unified, to work with amazing kids, amazing parents and amazing staff,” Taylor said.