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LBUSD Called a Model for Local Control

California is on the right track with its efforts to return more control of funding to local schools, and the state can improve further by learning from successful districts, says a new report by world renowned education researcher Michael Fullan.  Among those successful districts are Long Beach and Garden Grove, states a related article by EdSource writer John Fensterwald.

The recent article and report examine the implementation of California’s Local Control Funding Formula since its inception in 2013.

“Even though its implementation has been somewhat bumpy and cumbersome, LCFF is viewed positively across California’s education system — from central offices to school districts,” states Fullan’s report, co-authored by Santiago Rincón-Gallardo.  “There is a widely shared perception that the new funding strategy is much better than the older one and that the system is moving in the right direction.”

Fullan advises policymakers and other leaders around the world on how to help all children learn.  He holds honorary doctorates from several universities, and he’s a best-selling author whose books have been published in multiple languages.  He’s also known as a fan of Long Beach, having published a case study on LBUSD earlier this year, when he stated, “The district has been remarkably successful at articulating and operationalizing a vision that all students can achieve at high standards.”

The new 26-page report by Fullan, which includes several recommendations, is part of the “California’s Golden Opportunity” series by the researcher and is titled “Taking Stock: Leadership from the Middle.”  Fullan defines “the middle” as the 1000-plus districts and key intermediary agencies in California’s education system.  The recent EdSource piece at is titled “Friendly critic of California’s school district reforms issues warning.”