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Names in the News

Students from the California Academy of Mathematics and Science competed with their remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) at the June 23 to 25 Marine Advanced Technology Education contest held in the Viking Aquatics pool at Long Beach City College.  The event was a meeting of the top teams from regional contests in 40 locations around the world.  CAMS earned 16th place.  Members of the CAMS team are Jaijer Ho, Isaac Neile-Zanoria, Ted Lin, Brad Biscocho, Celia Yu, Isaac Addis, Jesse Leal and Kentaro Vadney.  Supporting the team is Sandra Barnett, a computer science teacher.

Erin Simon, director of Student Support Services, recently earned a 2017 Pioneer Spirit Award from the Long Beach East Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

“Dr. Simon’s creative and enthusiastic leadership has worked to extend a positive influence in the educational arena,” said Laurie Pollard, Stake Director of Public Affairs.  “We have observed the success of LBUSD’s ‘All-In’ campaign, which has raised vital awareness of the devastating consequences of chronic truancy and offers hope to struggling youth and parents by linking them with beneficial support systems.  That very campaign has resulted in our Stake’s adoption of Jefferson Middle School where we have been able to assist in meeting the needs of its teachers, parents and students.”

WORLD CLASS – Students from the California Academy of Mathematics and Science competed with teams from 40 locations around the world during a robotics contest involving remotely operated underwater vehicles.