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Bixby Parent Helps Evacuate Puerto Rico

Bixby Elementary School parent Michael Donoghue, who is president and CEO of Amphibious Medics, has been personally piloting the company’s plane to evacuate some of the neediest residents of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The dad of two Bixby students has made five trips to Puerto Rico in recent days since traveling there to help some of his own family who were living on the island.  He decided to provide the evacuations for free after witnessing a tremendous need for assistance.

“There’s no power.  These people are sleeping in a wet, black hangar all night long, just hoping against hope somebody’s going to take them back,” said Donoghue, who was planning an additional trip to bring relief supplies and bring back more victims.

“We got about 50 people in two days off one Facebook post, and it was really difficult to triage and pick who needed it most.  So we started with the oldest people with the biggest health problems, and we’re working our way down that list.”

Donoghue has set up a donation page at  The page states that Donoghue has already donated $100,000 but is seeking donations to continue evacuating Puerto Rico residents.

Bixby Principal Sam Platis commended Donoghue’s efforts.

“I love these kinds of stories, and our world needs more of them,” Platis said.

Donoghue served in the U.S. Navy for eight years, then attended The College of Oceaneering.  He created Amphibious Medics ( in 2001 to serve the marine side of Los Angeles area media productions.  Then he became a pilot, flying charters for celebrities and international heads of state.

HUMANITARIAN PILOT – Bixby Elementary School parent and humanitarian pilot Michael Donoghue talks to media on the tarmac during a recent trip to Puerto Rico.