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A Message of Thanks

By Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools

I appreciated a teacher’s kind words the other day as I visited her school.  She told me she has saved all of the districtwide messages that I’ve sent over the years as superintendent thanking staff, students and parents for their great work, and that “each of the notes came just in time.”

It’s nice to know that all those messages got through.  More importantly this teacher’s feedback reminded me to acknowledge the difficult work that you’re all doing every day.

Education is a demanding endeavor for students, parents and school employees alike.  If you’re ready for a break, that’s OK.  Before we all head off to spend some time with family and friends, I want to reiterate to everyone in our school communities that you are sincerely appreciated and valued by your extended family here in the school district.

Much like a family, together we have celebrated triumphs, including hard-earned improvements in student achievement.  We have also mourned together, shaking our heads at tragedies, lowering our U.S. flags to half-mast due to events that are beyond comprehension.

No matter what, our schools open again in the morning, and the work of teaching and learning continues, as if it were a given.  But there is nothing automatic about providing high quality public schools.  Our work must not be taken for granted.  It requires dedication, patience and perseverance on the part of thousands of people every day.  You are those people, and I am deeply grateful for all that you do.  I send you my warmest wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.