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Middle School Student Publishes Book

A precocious eighth grader from Rogers Middle School has published a new book of creative writing, "Short and Shorter Stories," available at Barnes and Noble's website. The collection of Tyler Crosby's work spans fourth through seventh grades and covers almost all genres of writing. Included are two award-winning pieces, "My Dream House," and "Diane Hastain." His stories depict everything from a youngster who believes he has found magic soccer cleats, to a talking stapler and a murder in the Swiss Alps. Tyler's dad, Mike Crosby, credits Tyler's teachers for igniting his love of writing. "Every one of those stories was written using what Tyler learned in Long Beach schools," dad said. The publisher printed the book at no cost to the parents. Copies are printed by buyers' requests. To find the book, search by title at The 13 year old will attend Wilson High School's Distinguished Scholars program next year. He became interested in writing at age 9 when his fourth grade teacher offered a creative writing assignment. He has been writing ever since. He won two writing contests in sixth grade. One earned him $100.