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Names in the News

Ten of the Long Beach Unified School District’s more than 9,000 Volunteers in Public Schools were honored as VIPS of the month for December.  Honorees included a storyteller who brings literature alive for students who have special needs, an art enthusiast who introduces oil pastels to Transitional Kindergarten students, a Khmer interpreter and a design expert who creates school production costumes and campus gardening projects.  The recently honored VIPS work with Newcomb, Emerson, Birney, Lincoln, King, Herrera, Mann, Harte and Stevenson schools.  Honorees are Rosa Ramos, Teresa Garcia, Daisy Womack, Cynthia Rueda, Nubia Cedeno, Nina Mighaccio, Mary Mercer, Cynthia Evangelista, Philip Traylor and Daisy Medina.