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Mayor's Fund Supports Preschools

A trip to the supermarket.  A visit to the laundromat.  Cooking a favorite recipe at home.  All of these are opportunities for parents to teach their children at an early age.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced the launch of a new online program last week to support such learning.

The ReadyRosie program, accessible by email or text message, helps parents teach their children by incorporating learning activities into everyday home life.  The program is available in English and Spanish (with exploration underway into producing content in Khmer) and provides a self-directed method for families to access activities, best practices and other material. 

Sponsored by Boeing, the program is the first of its kind in Long Beach and will be launched throughout Long Beach Unified School District preschools, at each City of Long Beach Public Library branch, and with a handful of private preschool providers.

Joining the mayor for the announcement at the Queen Mary were LBUSD Board of Education President Megan Kerr, LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser, Boeing Global Engagement Manager Vanessa Smith, numerous Long Beach elected officials and other education partners.  The event also highlighted the first-year accomplishments of the Mayor’s Fund for Education.

“Investing in quality early education is one of the most effective ways to increase high school graduation and college success," Mayor Garcia said.

The nonprofit Mayor’s Fund, which works closely with community and education partners to support their programs, secured a one-year, $70,000 grant from Boeing to help launch the ReadyRosie program.

“It is new partnerships like this one that really get me excited, both as a parent and as a Boeing employee,” said Boeing’s Vanessa Smith. “Through this program, we are able to provide parents and caregivers easy-to-access tools that harness our little ones’ natural curiosity.”

During its pilot year, ReadyRosie will be offered to pre-kindergarten students.  Discussions are under way to expand the     program to grades K-5.

“LBUSD is thankful to have collaborative partners like the Mayor’s Fund for Education,” LBUSD Board President Kerr said. “Helping all children become kindergarten-ready and supporting family engagement sets students on a trajectory for success and helps our teachers build upon a strong foundation of skills.”

Event attendees were treated to a two-week free trial of the ReadyRosie platform, courtesy of ReadyRosie Founder, Emily Roden, so they could see how the program engages children from birth through the early grades.

“We at ReadyRosie are thrilled to bring the program to Long Beach,” Roden said. “I’m confident the program will yield great benefits in a city as collaborative as this one.”

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