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Suja Lowenthal Elected

A 10-month vacancy on the Board of Education of the Long Beach Unified School District was filled at a special election June 26. Suja Lowenthal, a government relations officer, outpolled three other candidates to win election to the unexpired term of her mother-in-law, who was recently elected to the Long Beach City Council. "We look forward to working with her to build urgently needed new schools and to continue the improvement of education for all the children we serve," said Superintendent Carl Cohn. "We congratulate all who ran and all who voted for making the effort." Lowenthal won 1,435 votes, followed by Ed Gonzalez, businessman/parent, 881 votes; Mary Porterfield, educator/businesswoman, 264 votes; and Kenny Wooten, retiree, 153 votes. Only 7.4 percent of the 37,299 registered voters in District 3 cast ballots in the special election. Lowenthal will take office on Monday, July 16.