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Dreaming Big Requires a Plan

By Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools

Starting this month, we began sharing highlights of our Local Control and Accountability Plan by distributing an electronic publication titled “Academic Excellence” to parents, students, staff and others in our school communities.  You will receive a few “sequels” from us in the coming weeks.

The families we serve have big hopes and dreams for their children.  We share those hopes and dreams, so we take great care when developing our plans and allocating resources.  Our plans are detailed in a 250-page state-required document known as the Local Control and Accountability Plan, or LCAP.  Many people aren’t inclined to read all that fine print, so we’re boiling it down into a series of brief reports.

Included in our reports are some encouraging results of our efforts so far.  You’ll see that our work is paying off with significant gains in student success.  Much credit for that success goes to the diverse group of school and community representatives who spend many hours providing us input as we refine our plans and continue to improve, year after year.

If you missed the first publication, you can still find it on the district website in English and Spanish.  In the coming weeks, watch your email and our website for additional highlights of the LCAP.

Thank you to everyone who supports our students and schools.  Together, we’ll keep dreaming big.