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LCAP Highlights: Basic Services

By Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools

Did you know that half of our campuses now have tablet devices, such as iPads or Chromebooks, for every student?  That’s one of many encouraging developments detailed in our latest report providing details on our Local Control and Accountability Plan, or LCAP.

Earlier this month, we began sharing with you some highlights of our LCAP.  We began with a publication titled Academic Excellence, and we continued last week with “Basic Services – A Foundation for Excellence.”  That second report describes our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness in the basic operations that support teaching and learning.  From nationally recognized professional development, to significant investments in classroom technology, instructional materials and school facilities, our latest report provides facts and figures that add up to a bright future for our students and schools.

If you missed our second report, you can still find it here.  Each of our reports is archived under the Local Control section of the website.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to share additional highlights of the LCAP.