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Poly Pac Rim Academy 'Best of the Best'

Poly High School’s Pacific Rim Business Academy was named a Distinguished Academy by the California Department of Education this month.  The honor goes to fewer than 2 percent of 406 similar academies statewide.

The Pac Rim pathway earned the 2018 California Partnership Academies Distinguished Academy award.  Such academies focus on smaller learning communities with a career theme.  Academy components include college prep academics and career-based learning, along with active partnerships with businesses and higher education.

Before selecting honorees, a CDE team responsible for oversight of these academies, along with their partners at UC Berkeley’s Career and College Academy Support Network, exhaustively reviewed reporting documents then visited schools to confirm that several elements were in place: compliance with education code; dual credit with post-high-school institutions; industry certifications earned by students; high quality, effective partnerships with industry; low attrition rates, especially among the required majority of at-risk students enrolled; and exemplary graduation rates.

“The dedication, professionalism and compassion required to develop and implement a program achieving all of the above requirements is without parallel in education, and I congratulate every stakeholder involved with your Academy for the work that you do,” said Jerry Winthrop, CDE lead consultant for California Partnership Academies.  “I often say that California Partnership Academy teachers and administrators are the best in the world based on the unique work that they do and the success they achieve.  For the quality of the program you are implementing, I believe it’s fair to say that you stand among the best of the best.  Truly an accomplishment worth celebrating!”