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A Million Meals, A Million Thanks

A group of local volunteers, who bring bags of groceries to schools on Fridays to make sure students have enough to eat on weekends, will celebrate the delivery of their millionth meal this semester.

As part of the Food4Kids program facilitated by the nonprofit Food Finders, volunteers deliver food bags to 15 local schools designated as Title I, with high percentages of low income families.  Volunteers from the community-based group Team 100, who provide financial support, also assist with packing and distribution of meals.

About 70 percent of students in the Long Beach Unified School District qualify for free meals at school because their parents cannot afford to pay.  But on the weekends, some students go hungry.  So every Friday, volunteers deliver bags filled with ten or more items of non-perishable food like pasta, canned tuna and beef, oatmeal, soup, applesauce, rice, beans, peas and cereals.

“A million thanks to these dedicated volunteers,” LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser said.  “This effort is making a huge difference in the lives of some of our neediest students and their families.”

The volunteers will continue celebrating the million-meal milestone throughout the semester, leading up to an annual fundraising ball in June.