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Migrant Ed Students, Parent Honored

A parent and two students in the Long Beach Unified School District’s Migrant Education Program have earned high honors from the Los Angeles County Migrant Education Division.

Countywide honors went to Wilson High School senior Nahomi Bello as Honor Student, and to Rosa Luna as Honor Parent.  Meanwhile Jordan High School senior Alondra Orozco won second place in a logo contest.

The awards recognize participants in Migrant Education Programs, which provide students and parents supplemental instruction and support services, including physical exams, dental screenings, after-school tutoring and Saturday school.

Long Beach’s Migrant Education Program began in 1994 and serves children and young adults whose parents or relatives work in jobs related to fishing, forestry, nurseries, livestock and agriculture.  The aim is to prevent the discontinuity in education that can occur when a family relocates repeatedly due to seasonal work.  Such families also are at a disadvantage because most live in extreme poverty, and some students must work with their families.

The winners were nominated by LBUSD Migrant Education Administrator Martha Ensminger.

Honor Student award winner Nahomi Bello “has had to overcome multiple barriers and academic challenges due to her migratory lifestyle,” Ensminger said.  “She has proven to be resourceful by participating in a number of academic enrichment programs offered within the Migrant Education Program.  She has always demonstrated an intrinsic motivation to put her best foot forward and strive to her highest potential.  Currently both of her parents are participating in our program’s High School Equivalency Program in the evenings.  Their participation and drive to succeed is due to Nahomi’s encouragement of her parents.  Her zest and outlook on life is awe-inspiring.”

Honor Parent award winner Rosa Luna “personifies commitment, respect, community and unselfish love for migrant families and has been at the core of various fund-raising efforts that made it possible to grant scholarships to migrant students region-wide,” Ensminger said.  “Through her support, 18 migrant students here in the Los Angeles County Migrant Education Program received $500 scholarships.  Mrs. Luna dedicates endless hours to our program.  She is instrumental in coordinating various special events for our migrant students throughout the year.  She has a beautiful, kind spirit, hard work ethic, integrity and honesty.  She truly represents the many migrant parents who work endless hours to see their children bloom and have a better life.”

Jordan student Alondra Orozco’s second-place win in the statewide logo competition means that her logo design will be published in the upcoming Migrant Education state conference program.   The logo is a stylized tree.

“The roots represent the multiple countries which we will never forget and are America’s foundation,” Orozco said.  “The trunk shaped  as a book in colors of the American flag shows that future generations have those roots but grow with an education in America.  This shows how the future generations have an understanding of both languages and cultures.  The branches of the tree symbolize how the family grows to become successful with the hard work of the families that migrated to America to give that opportunity to themselves and their children.”

Orozco and the other winners will be honored at the 39th Annual State Migrant Parent Conference in San Francisco on March 16 to 18.

MIGRANT EDUCATION HONORS – Jordan High School senior Alondra Orozco won a countywide honor for this Migrant Education Program logo.  Click on the image to view the full logo.

Slideshow: Winning Logo, Alondra Orozco, Nahomi Bello, Rosa Luna