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Librarian of the Year

Mary McCarthy of Bobbie Smith Elementary School has earned the Teacher Librarian of the Year Award from the Long Beach School Librarians Association.  She was recognized at a recent Board of Education meeting, where Nina Jackson, president of the Long Beach School Librarian Association commended her for 21 years of exemplary service.

“Mary is a true powerhouse,” Jackson said.  “She has truly made the library the heart of Smith Elementary.”

McCarthy has created several library programs that bring together students, parents, staff, community organizations and businesses.  She built support for a renovation of the library that now includes iPads, an eBook library and other technology.

“It has been the ultimate joy for me to be at Smith,” McCarthy said, “and I want to thank my colleagues, my Long Beach School Librarians Association board members.  I know how hard you work, how dedicated you are.  The library is such a place of love and light.  It changed my life as a little kid.  I want to make sure that love and light and treasure is there for our kids in the future.”

McCarthy’s school was named after former librarian and retired Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education President Bobbie Smith in 2014.

“You can’t imagine my glee that we’re called Bobbie Smith after a librarian, and that has made me so happy,” McCarthy said, “and I tell that story to the children on and on."

Mary McCarthy