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School Nurse of Year

Nancy Suzuki, a nurse at Lakewood High School, has won the School Nurse of the Year Award from the Long Beach School Nurses Association.

“She is a wonderful, selfless, hardworking, generous and thoughtful school nurse,” said Lead Nurse Rose Van Meeveren.  “She takes care of approximately 3,500 students at Lakewood High School, deals with so many students’ health issues each day and never complains.  Nancy is truly a dedicated soul to her school nurse profession.”

Suzuki has served as a school nurse in the Long Beach Unified School District for more than 20 years.

The Nurses Association also recently announced the winner of its Friend of School Nurses Award.  This honor went to Susan Cortés, a foster youth social worker for the school district.  She was recognized for always being available as a valuable resource to assist school nurses.

Nancy Suzuki