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The results are in. You rock.

By Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools

We’re pleased to end the school year on a positive note. Preliminary results of state testing again show significant academic gains districtwide and among our various demographic subgroups here in the Long Beach Unified School District. We also expect to see a sixth straight year of improved graduation rates, among many other encouraging signs of student success. You’ll hear more about these results in the coming weeks and months as the state numbers become official.  

As serious as we take our student performance data and measureable improvements, we’re also proud of the incalculable benefits that our public schools provide to our students and communities. Long Beach is a special place because beyond all of our outstanding curriculum, assessment and professional development systems, and beyond all the Herculean efforts that support our 74,000 students each day, is the fact that the cities we serve are microcosms of the real world in all of its diversity.

In our schools, students of all capabilities and backgrounds learn side-by-side. A student whose parents never went to college can still dream of attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and she can make that dream a reality. A student whose parents are migrant workers, tending the fields that feed our state, can find success in our schools while her mom and dad take high school equivalency courses in the evenings.  

We teach the student with the disability, the student with the language barrier, the student struggling with gender identity issues, the student trudging through a tough adolescence, the student with the frightening medical diagnosis, the student with the troubled home life, the thousands of students (yes, thousands) who are classified as homeless, living in motels or other non-permanent housing. We welcome and nurture them.  We marshal all of our resources and our collective will to serve them as best we can.

The full value of our work cannot be captured in a bar graph, but it is felt in the heart.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and to all who have supported them. Thank you to everyone in our school communities whose daily efforts produce results both measureable and incalculable.