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Local Schools Exceed Statewide Test Gains

Results from this year’s state testing have documented significant Academic Performance Index improvements for schools in the Long Beach Unified School District. District schools made a higher average gain on the API than schools statewide. Compared to other California school districts, LBUSD this year has a higher percentage of schools showing growth, a higher percentage meeting schoolwide targets and a higher percentage eligible for awards. The percent of LBUSD schools meeting their growth targets is also higher this year than last, increasing from 55 percent to 63 percent. Statewide, fewer schools met their growth targets. This increase was also significantly higher than all other comparable large urban school districts in the state. LBUSD surpassed the state in percentage of schools having increased API scores--86 percent here versus 74 percent statewide; percentage of schools meeting schoolwide targets--75 percent here compared to 57 percent statewide; and percentage of schools eligible for API awards--62 percent here versus 48 percent statewide. When it came to the performance of the lowest ranking schools, those in deciles 1 and 2, LBUSD also outperformed the state average. In decile 1, 60 percent of LBUSD schools were eligible for awards compared to 55 percent statewide. In decile 2, 88 percent of LBUSD schools were eligible, versus 58 percent statewide. Keller Elementary School had the largest API growth, jumping 127 points to 610. Its target was 16. McKinley and Tucker also had triple-digit increases, 106 and 101 respectively.