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LBUSD's Cohn Part of Effective Superintendents Study

Long Beach Unified School District Superintendent Carl Cohn has been chosen to participate in a national study of exemplary urban superintendents to determine how they maintain a focus on learning and achievement for all students. Cohn is one of 11 outstanding superintendents participating in a two-year study by the American Association of School Administrators to document how they make decisions, plan strategy and take appropriate actions. Despite long odds, these successful educators have moved their schools to higher expectations and performance. For several years Cohn has been a member of the advisory panel of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education’s Urban Superintendents Program. "The excellent work that Dr. Cohn is doing here has attracted national attention," said Board of Education President Bobbie Smith. "His total commitment to all students sets him apart as one of the most effective school superintendents in America. "His selection by AASA for this national study of urban school leaders recognizes that many school districts can benefit by learning from him," she said. "We are so fortunate to have one of our nation’s finest educational leaders serving our schools and students. Sharing his wisdom and insights through this study could benefit millions of students throughout the U.S." More than 30 of the nation’s top superintendents were nominated by urban district leaders, researchers, national and state association representatives and search consultants. Final selection was made by a six-member AASA Project Advisory Team. The 11 superintendents will be observed over a two-year period and their case studies will be used to develop current and aspiring school district leaders. "Outstanding superintendents are able to anticipate, to communicate, to bring communities together," said AASA Executive Director Paul Houston. "These case studies will shine a light on the skills and talents of urban school leaders who have faced immense challenges. We can all learn from their experiences." When Dr. Cohn wraps up his 10th year as superintendent next fall, he plans to join the USC faculty to present graduate seminars and prepare future school superintendents.