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Names in the News

The Long Beach Press-Telegram’s annual Halloween-themed Scary Stories Contest included these categories and winning Long Beach Unified School District students:  Elementary Stories – second place, “The Alive Doll” by Ian Galindo of Longfellow; third place, “Halloween Zombie Take Over” by Jacob Amado of Madison.  Elementary Artwork – second place, “Head with Bloody Eye” by Kieran Lundy of Longfellow; third place, “Dancing Skeletons” by Ava Harshaw of Carver.  Middle School Stories – first place, “Call to the Void” by Lillian Weir of Rogers; second place, “Butterscotch Wrappers” by Siya Kothari of Rogers; third place, “Carpet Cult” by Andrew Koskela of Rogers.  Middle School Artwork – first place, “Skeleton Playing Bass Fiddle” by Riley D’Souza of Rogers; second place, “A Bloody Winnie the Pooh” by Caleb Pierre of Gompers; third place, “Stitched-up Sally” by Nicole Goltra of Gompers.  High School Stories – first place, “Beautiful” by Bennett Manalo of CAMS; second place, “Parallelism” by Zara Banaga of McBride; third place, “Willing Participants” by Isabella Talavera of Millikan.  High School Artwork – first place, Helen Ho of McBride; second place, Melissa Suos of Poly; third place, Carlos Figueroa of McBride.  The Press-Telegram received more than 200 submissions, mostly from LBUSD students.

The Long Beach Branch NAACP at its recent 39th Founder’s Celebration Dinner honored Judy Seal, executive director of the Long Beach Education Foundation, with the Zelma Lipscomb Award.  Lipscomb was a civil rights pioneer who co-founded the Long Beach branch of the NAACP.  At the organization’s general membership meeting last month, the keynote speaker was David Zaid, director of Employee Relations and Community Engagement for the Long Beach Unified School District.  Zaid spoke about educating children of color in the 21st Century.

Erika Calaycay, a seventh grader at Jackie Robinson Academy, was recognized recently for her submission to the annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest.  More than half a million student entries were submitted, and Erika’s entry will move on to the next step of competition.  This year’s contest theme is “kindness matters.”  Judging occurred last month at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach.  Winners will be announced later this year.

WINNING ARTWORK – "Stitched-up Sally" by Nicole Goltra of Gompers K-8 School earned third place in the Middle School Artwork category of the Press-Telegram's annual Scary Stories Contest.  Select photo to view full image.