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Principal for a Day Wows Guest Execs

Guest principals from business and industry--260 of them--were impressed by the hard work, quality instruction and leadership they saw during their recent day of shadowing principals. Here are a few of their observations: "I am an unashamed cheerleader for LBUSD. I love this school district. When we get students at Long Beach State from this district, they're ready to go to college, and we really respect that. The real educational leaders are principals. You show me an innovative school, and I'll show you a hot, innovative principal."--Dr. Robert Maxson, President, CSULB "The energy level at that school was sky high. I looked for whether they were meeting their objectives, whether they were getting better . . . they've gone well beyond what's expected. I was totally impressed by their conflict resolution program. Here you had 12 and 13 year olds solving conflicts together, and I thought, boy, how things have changed since I was in school. I'd like to see more businesses step up to the plate, get more directly involved and have a vested interest in what's going on. Hoover is a model for others."--R.L. Hartshorn, Western U.S. Sales Director, SSI Technologies "It was awesome. The orderliness, the cleanliness of the campus, the qualitative participation of all stakeholders there, including the students, was tremendous."--Mary Porterfield, Owner, Timbuk II "We were astounded by the level of interest of students, the energy of the principal, and the number of programs available."--Susan Price, Executive Vice President, Century Learning Initiatives For Today "I was impressed. As I went from classroom to classroom, on every wall were the objectives for the day. That was impressive. The school recently raised $50,000 at its own fundraiser. They're not just asking us (businesses) for money. They're out there raising it themselves and doing a great job for kids."--Travis Montgomery, Stanford Junior High alumnus and now Queen Mary Vice President "I had a delightful day, went to all the classrooms and made so many friends with students. I was impressed with Principal LaShell Denegal, her staff, the way they ran the school. I'd like to be a Principal for a Day liaison for Mary Butler School for the rest of the school year."--Nick Edwards, CEO, Queen Beach Printers "I was impressed by the partnership among principals, teachers, staff and students on the subject of discipline. I spent a lot of time in the Navy, so I'm very aware of discipline problems. I used to be a discipline problem. My wife still thinks I am. It was so quiet at the school. There was learning going on. There was involvement. There was leadership going on without a word being spoken."--Donald D. Clark, Captain USN Retired, member of US Vets, Inc. Board of Directors