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Lindbergh Library Best in State

Lindbergh Middle School’s Library is featured as the "best that California has to offer" in the most recent edition of Good Ideas, published by the California School Library Association (CSLA). The article spotlights Lindbergh’s library media teacher, Helen Cox. Cox works with other teachers to make sure students achieve academic standards while learning to access, evaluate and use information. The Lindbergh library’s voluntary Distinguished Scholars project brings students to the library on their own time, when they tackle writing and math assignments. "This project extends students beyond the limits of the work they do normally...some find the intense editing and evaluation of their work a rewarding challenge," according to CSLA. Cox also developed an award-winning brochure entitled "How to Raise a Scholar," which includes college prep advice from local parents, teachers and students. Extra copies of the brochure are currently being shared with other middle schools in the Long Beach Unified School District. It is also viewable at any time on the LBUSD website at Click on "Getting Into College" and select from the list of articles available. Lindbergh students posted the largest gains recently on the Academic Performance Index compared to other middle schools in the district. The school grew by 72 points, well beyond its target of 17 points, and it showed significant gains in reading.