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Take a Minute to Do the Census

An accurate U.S. Census count helps to secure millions of dollars in funding for local schools. As of this month, the nation had responded since the first wave of census mailings went out in March. The response rate in Long Beach was about 55 percent by the end of April, roughly the same as the statewide response rate so far.

The Long Beach Unified School District continues to work with the City of Long Beach on the 2020 Complete Count Campaign. By partnering with organizations throughout Long Beach, the campaign aims to achieve a complete count of every person in the city.

The census questionnaire takes minutes and can be completed online, by phone or by mail. Visit to answer a dozen questions about where you live, household size and some demographic details. A link to that web page is provided on the home page of each LBUSD school’s website. The census questions also can be answered by phone, at (844) 330-2020, or by filling out and mailing back a printed questionnaire, which tends to be sent to the households of people who have not responded online. Households that do not respond could eventually be visited by official census takers.

At stake for Long Beach is Title I funding for disadvantaged populations, and resources to support Head Start, child care, the National School Lunch Program, and other vital health, housing and energy assistance services. Many of these programs have significant effects on low-income communities, the very places considered “hard to count.”

The census only occurs every ten years and drives more than $800 billion annually in federal assistance to states, localities and families. Census results also are used to allocate seats and draw district lines for the U.S. House of Representatives, state legislatures and local boards.