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Names in the News

Erin Simon, director of Student Support Services, was elected as state vice president for the Association of California School Administrators. ACSA is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

Five eighth graders have each earned $500 college scholarships, courtesy of the Lyman W. and Nancy E. Lough Eighth Grade Scholarship Fund. The awards go to students with a minimum GPA of 2.0, good citizenship and a potential for future success. The winners traditionally are students who are beating the odds and continuing to learn despite tough circumstances such as a disability, a difficult home life or other challenges. This year’s winners and their schools are Marlon Mejia, Hoover; Naiem Naiem, Powell; Panagiotis Papadamis, Rogers; Pearanna Sermons, Stanford; and Nathan Warren, Hughes. As part of the Lough Awards an additional $180-per-year scholarship from the Frangesch Memorial Fund went to student William Wilson of Cubberley. The Frangesch award selection criteria are the same as those used for the Lough Awards.

Poly High School counselor Michael Gray was selected to serve on the California Department of Education Social and Emotional Learning Work Group. The CDE received more than 250 applications to participate. The group will focus on best practices to support educator and student social and emotional learning. Members will help to make recommendations on policy and resources.

Erin Simon