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Teacher of the Year Linda McClure

The Long Beach Unified School District has named Bancroft Middle School teacher Linda McClure as Teacher of the Year.

McClure, a computer science and engineering teacher, has been an instructor with LBUSD for 27 years at both the elementary and middle school levels.

She is a key contributor to technology advancement in LBUSD classrooms. She has created courses and opportunities for students to develop real-world career skills in various STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) related fields. Most recently, her technology-based instruction style, which includes producing videos of her lessons, allowed her students to convert to online instruction seamlessly during COVID-19.

McClure founded and developed the Makerspace Club at Bancroft Middle School, which serves as a space for students to develop critical thinking and creativity as they invent items using 3D printers, computers and craft supplies.

“I have the unique position to prepare students for many STEM-related careers,” she wrote in her application. “Students study computer graphics, web design and code, which are jobs that are in high demand.”

McClure earned a master’s degree in educational technology from Cal State Dominguez Hills, where she also worked as a member of the adjunct faculty. Her experience at LBUSD includes a role as a district trainer, where she created workshops to support teachers, administrators and parents with technology advancement during the late 90s. Currently she helps to lead educational technology professional development at the district level.

Her experience as a leader goes beyond the technology field. She has demonstrated a desire to create a safe learning environment that adapts to individual student needs.

“I adapt my lessons and units for students with various needs including autism, hearing impairment, learning disabilities, and gifted students,” she wrote. “Every child can learn and all children are worthy of the very highest quality of education. That means that I have to bring what every individual child needs and deserves to my class every day.”

As the faculty sponsor, she also led the creation of an anti-bullying club at Bancroft Middle School, providing a safe place for students to discuss bullying and create anti-bullying fliers and other resources.

For McClure, teaching is a profession that expands beyond instruction.

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is about creating a hunger in kids to want something in their lives they don't have. This is a huge responsibility, and I wake up every morning knowing that I must do more,” she said. “Being recognized by my colleagues and LBUSD as Teacher of the Year is a great honor. I am very privileged to get to do this job every day.”

Linda McClure