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Names in the News

The Long Beach Press-Telegram’s annual Halloween-themed Scary Stories Contest included these categories and winning Long Beach Unified School District students:
Elementary School Stories – first place, “The Sandwitch” by Adeline Soberanis of Prisk; second place, “The Vampire Delivery” by Mason Baughfman of Los Cerritos; third place, “Mr. Laughter” by Lillian Rose Gonzalez of Whittier. Elementary School Artwork – winner, “Untitled” by Ariel Petel of Prisk. 

Middle School Stories – first place, “Eve” by Grace Curlee of Hughes; second place, “Its Red Eyes” by Isabelle Gomer of Stanford; third place, “Playtime” by Ema Hernandez of Hughes. Middle School Artwork – winner, Mikayla Brumbelow of Gompers. 

High School Stories – first place, “Prey” by Ryan Pocinich of Millikan; second place, “Untitled” by Allyson Baez of CAMS; third place, “The Call” by Michaelle E. Alvarez Fonseca of CAMS. High School Artwork – winner, “Unfazed” by Michael Decastro of CAMS. The Press-Telegram received more than 400 story and artwork submissions, mostly from LBUSD students.

The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education recently recommended Terence Ulaszewski for reappointment to LBUSD’s Personnel Commission. Ulaszewski has served on the commission for 24 years. The Personnel Commission consists of three LBUSD residents who meet biweekly regarding items affecting the employment and compensation of classified employees. As is customary, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction will now consider the LBUSD board’s recommendation for official ratification.

WINNING ARTWORK – “Unfazed” by Michael Decastro of CAMS was selected as the winning artwork in the High School category of the Press-Telegram's annual Scary Stories Contest. Select photo to view full image.