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Twelve STAR Elementary Schools Shine

Twelve elementary schools this week received the STAR Elementary School Award in recognition of superb academic performance. A large star logo will be placed on each school and star pins presented to their teachers. Each school made exemplary gains last year on the Academic Performance Index. Barton, Burbank, Burcham, Burnett, Gant, Holmes, Keller, Lowell, MacArthur, Naples, Riley and Tucker elementary schools earned the honor from the Elementary Office. To receive a STAR, which stands for Student Success+Terrific Teaching=Academic Results, a school's students met improvement and achievement criteria in four key areas: o Each school tripled its Spring 2001 API growth targets both schoolwide and for all subgroups of students. o In English Language Learner (ELL) performance, students showed pretest to posttest gains in both Math and Reading SAT 9 totals over two years. o On performance assessments, students showed pretest to posttest gains on reading benchmarks, math end-of-course achievement and basic math facts. o They also narrowed the gap. New this year, STAR schools had to show a reduction in their achievement gap between subgroups. Each school showed exceptional growth in specific areas: Barton had significant gains in the API--61 points. Burcham had the second highest gains for ELLearners. Burnett had high gains in all three district performance assessments. Holmes showed strong gains on API and district performance assessments. Riley also showed across-the-board growth. Gant made a 39-point API point gain and has the highest API in the district at 890. Four schools received the STAR Award for a second year: Keller showed significant gains in Math Facts assessment. Lowell had the second highest growth with a 76-point gain. MacArthur had the highest API point growth at 83, second highest gains with ELLearners and second highest total gains on district assessment. Tucker showed the highest total gains on district performance assessments. No school has received the STAR Award all four years, but two schools received a third award: Burbank showed the third highest API point growth at 68. Naples had a 46-point API growth and 861 total API.