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Poly 'America's Top Pro Athlete Factory'

As reported by, Poly High School recently was named America’s top producer of professional athletes by a wide margin.

The national high school sports website ranked Poly No. 1 with at least 86 NFL, MLB and NBA athletes, including 58 pro football players, 20 major leaguers and eight NBA players.

“Perhaps just as impressive as the inner-city public powerhouse’s spot at the top of the list is looking at who’s just below them,”’s Mike Guardabascio wrote. “The other schools in the top five are all private schools, and none of them are close.”

“We appreciate the recognition. It’s a testament to the legacy and tradition at Long Beach Poly,” boys’ athletic director Rob Shock told

Poly also was named the top sports program in the nation by ESPN in 2011.

Back then, ESPN observed, “Yes, it has been more than 100 years in which high school athletic teams from the fabled buildings along Atlantic Avenue have been winning championships. And while just about every other school of that age in urban environments around the nation has drastically declined in athletic excellence, nothing has changed at Long Beach Poly.”

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