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Millikan High's New Building Completed

A unique new building has been completed on the Millikan High School campus. The 50,000-square-foot facility funded by local school bonds was designed to accommodate specific needs of the school’s academies or learning pathways.

Created with input from Millikan administrators and teachers, the building houses a virtual enterprise classroom where Business Academy students can showcase their work. For the COMPASS Academy, the installation of new graphic arts studios will expand students’ design capabilities. For the SEGA-MIT Academy, special computer labs were installed where students can explore the inner workings of computer hardware. PEACE Academy students preparing for careers in law or government service will be able to conduct mock trials in a new modern courtroom. The building features a new college and career center, spaces designed for special education students and classrooms for general use.

NEW FACILITY – The 50,000 square-foot building at Millikan High School was funded by local school bonds.