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Poly Ranks Above 99.8% on AP Tests

What local high school now ranks among the top 36 public and private high schools in the U.S. on the number of Advanced Placement tests taken and passed? The latest national ranking places Poly High School 36th among 22,991 high schools--higher than 99.839 percent of the high schools in the nation. Only a handful of the best public schools and expensive elite private prep schools have comparable records. Poly PACE adviser Dick Garretson received official word this week from Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey that Poly is among "the best of the best" in the nation for the high quality of its Advanced Placement program. ETS is publisher of the AP and College Board tests. Rigorous academic courses prepare Poly students to take and pass 22 different exams to earn advanced college academic credit while still in high school. Each year dozens of Poly graduates enter college as sophomores because they have already earned a full year of AP college credits.