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Simpler Email Addresses for Students Happening Spring Break

As part of our ongoing technology modernization and based on feedback from teachers, administrators and students, we are simplifying student email addresses and usernames. On April 15, 2022 (the Friday holiday before Spring Break), student email addresses and usernames will drop the word “student” and go from to the simpler Please note:

  • All passwords remain the same.
  • Any emails that students have will be preserved.
  • Students will still be able to receive emails sent to their old address.

This will be students' new email address as well as their username when logging in to Google, Canvas, Outlook and Office 365 and these changes will be phased in over Spring Break. Everywhere that students see the new Microsoft/LBUSD login screens below, they will use the new simplified username.

Here is the schedule of when these changes will take place for students during Spring Break:

  • April 15, Friday – email, Outlook and Office 365
  • April 16, Saturday – Google, Chromebooks
  • April 19, Tuesday – Adobe Creative Cloud
  • April 20, Wednesday – Canvas