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A Message from Superintendent Baker to Middle and High School Students

Dear Students,

You are in my heart and on my mind today. This year has been full of challenges, but at every point, you show us how strong, capable and resilient you are. By now, many of you have heard about the terrible shooting at a Texas school on Tuesday. I want you to know that we take steps each and every day to help keep your schools safe. We work to support physical safety of our campuses, emotional safety for our staff and students, and psychological safety for our students. In fact, schools remain among the safest places for you to be. If you have any concerns or need to discuss yesterday’s tragic event in Texas, please talk to a trusted adult at school and/or at home.

In the past, when school shootings have happened, we sometimes have seen an increase in the number of threats to schools everywhere. The majority of these threats happen via social media and often outside of school hours. Regardless of the type of threat or the place that it is made, I want to remind you that we take the threat of harm to anyone very seriously. A threat of any kind is not a joke. It’s a crime, and we respond very strongly to a statement that suggests harm to anyone. Please do not make statements that could be threatening or even suggest harm to someone else. Do not post pictures of yourself or others in a threatening posture or with the presence of a weapon, even one that is Photoshopped into a picture. 

The tragic events from Texas yesterday have us all shaken. If you need help, ask any adult on campus and they will connect you with the right person/place. We prefer not to resort to disciplinary measures, but we will take any behavior that looks like a threat very seriously. Students can face arrest, prosecution and even expulsion. We also actively monitor social media for potential threats, and we encourage parents to do the same. And as always, we encourage anyone who hears or sees anything suspicious to say something. 

Student safety is always our top concern. You are always our top concern. Thank you for being resilient, strong and smart. Let’s finish strong and make the end of this school year great!


Dr. Baker

Jill Baker, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools