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Middle School Robo Bowl Returns

A team of students from Hughes Middle School won first place during the recent Robo Bowl at McBride High School, where students from local middle schools learned about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) while putting their robotics projects to the test. 

Hughes also took home the Design Award. Newcomb Academy earned second place. The Spirit Award went to Tincher Preparatory School.

At the Robo Bowl, each school’s robotics club participates in the competition, which gives students a chance to test their robot designs before attending official VEX Robotics events in the fall. Since the Robo Bowl’s inception, the event has been a partnership with Leadership Long Beach with the aim of advancing STEM education throughout the school district. 

LBUSD's Middle and K8 Schools office has facilitated the Robo Bowl competitions since 2013. With COVID-19, the competition, like many others, came to an abrupt stop until it’s long awaited return this year.

ROBO BOWL CHAMPS – A student team from Hughes Middle School took home first place in the annual districtwide competition, where students showcased their robotics projects while learning about science, math, engineering and technology.