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Fentanyl Pills Warning

Dear LBUSD Community,

We are sharing information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health regarding the strong likelihood of a large amount of Ecstasy pills contaminated with Fentanyl that have entered the Los Angeles illicit drug market. While there is no direct connection to the Long Beach Unified School District, this alert indicates that three cases of accidental drug overdoses among adolescents in Los Angeles County were identified in recent days. According to the Health Department’s notice available here, these incidents highlight the growing national and local trend of illicit drugs and counterfeit pills being contaminated with illegally manufactured fentanyl and other stimulant contaminants with toxicity impacting multiple organ systems, including the heart and brain, that can lead to life threatening complications. The pills in the recent incidents were apparently purchased online and delivered to students. 

During this heightened party season with graduations and end-of-school-year celebrations, we all hope that our teenagers already know the dangers of drug use. As an extra precaution, we urge parents to discuss the significant dangers of ingesting any illicit pills, particularly pills purchased online or given to them at parties. 

Thank you for helping our students to stay safe and well.

Long Beach Unified School District

One example of counterfeit pills.
Source: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration